Kolczyki sutaszowe JASPIS BLUE

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Artist: Sylwia Żak
Kolczyki sutaszowe JASPIS BLUE
Kolczyki sutaszowe JASPIS BLUE
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Beautiful earrings with sutaszu - a combination of turquoise, green, beige, brown and gold with turkusowymii jaspisami emperor. Length of 7 cm. Suspended for hypoallergenic biglach, may be exchanged for clips or pins. Back finished with green skin. Impregnated.

Width: 4,00 cm
Length: 7,50 cm
Weight: 5,00 g
Technique: soutache
Material: jasper, syntetic skin, soutache
Color: beige, brown, ecru, navy blue, blue, turquoise, green, gold


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Kolczyki sutaszowe JASPIS BLUE