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Joy Joy Joy
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Minimalist but very charming and feminine set, which consists of a pendant and earrings on biglach. The dominant element is small, somewhat geometric, gold and silver flowers. An impression in the work they are doing amazing technology and precision execution, which demonstrates the exact thinking pattern and its perfect execution supported by a great workshop. The works from the studio of Martin Boguslaw are jewelry author, signed with his namesake. Order set individually. You can order only part of a complete, interested, please contact us. SHIPPING COST FOR THIS COURSE CREDITS: - Recommended priority: 7 zł. - UPS shipping costs 30 zł. - Shipments abroad and more: set individually.

Length: 45,00 cm

Tags: elegant, exclusiv, romantic, original, gift, art
Technique: metalwork, hand made, craft, forging
Material: coated with gold, silver, silver 925, gold 916 (24 k), yellow gold
Color: silver, gold


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