Pierścień To też przeminie

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Pierścień To też przeminie
Pierścień To też przeminie Pierścień To też przeminie Pierścień To też przeminie
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RING OF HARMONY, PEACE AND WISDOM. According to the story told by Sufis, he lived somewhere in the Middle East a king who constantly struggled between happiness with grief. The slightest thing could make him great anxiety or provoke him to a violent reaction, and happiness quickly changed to disappointment and despair. The time has come when the king finally got tired of himself and his life and began to seek a way out of this situation. He summoned a sage who lived in his kingdom, and has a reputation as an enlightened man. When he arrived, the king declared:? I want to be like you. Can you give me something that will make my life there will be harmony, peace and wisdom? I'll pay any price you ask what ?. The sage replied:? I can help you. But the price would be so high that your entire kingdom would not be enough for you to pay it.

Width: 1,60 cm
Weight: 15,00 g
Jewelry size: 24/20,33 mm
Technique: hand made
Material: silver 925
Color: silver


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