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Delicate wedding rings of yellow or white gold 0.585 pr (14K) - to choose from. They are made by hand, only on request by appointment size. Decorated in a style characteristic of ancient jewelry, but with a hint of contemporary. Around the perimeter ring is knocked out by hand herringbone pattern, which may resemble the imprint automobile tires -stą idea for wedding rings for car fans, but not only ... :) sides and center rings are polished and matte surface. The width of 3mm rings. The thickness of approximately 1.5 mm. Weight set - about 6,00g for sample sizes 12 and 22.

Width: 0,30 cm
Weight: 6,00 g
Technique: engraving, metalwork, hand made, craft, forging
Material: gold, gold 585 (14 k), white gold, yellow gold
Color: yellow, gold


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