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Artist: Sylwia Radecka
Luthierre Luthierre Luthierre Luthierre Luthierre Luthierre Luthierre
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Agatized Coral pieces are the remains of primal reefs that grew in the warm coastal waters of ancient oceans - the flower-like patterns are the tiny bits of fossilized coral !

Pastel necklace for all seasons featuring oval petrified coral cabochon with perfect floral patterns in beautiful off-white and gray color. The stone is set in a hand fabricated sterling silver bezel.

Underneath Ive putted white natural pearl in fine silver bell and moonstone leaf.

Deeply oxidized to emphasize the texture and polished to a beautiful shine.

Stone Healing and Metaphysical Properties:
Symbolic of happiness and delightfulness, coral is said to herald good times. Supports healthy bone structure, tissues and circulation. Used to restore harmony to your heart.

This one of a kind necklace could be a perfect gift for the one you love, a sister, friend, mother or daughter or as a little reminder to yourself of how special you are!


Width: 9,00 cm
Weight: 21,00 g

Tags: sterling silver, large, pastele, gray, pearl, coral fossil, metal clay
Technique: Metal Clay
Material: art clay, moonstone, coral, pearl, silver
Color: alabaster, white, silver, grey


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